About Our Founder

Ray Neblett, in black tshirt and a black ball cap, smiles as he sits outside in a green chairThe Ray Neblett Inner City Foundation was created based on founder Ray Neblett’s commitment to teaching the youth in the place he grew up that they can and will be anything they want and more. His need to show and guide the inner city youth into becoming a man from the inner city would require work, so he set out to become the mentor he knew was needed and create a program that would combine his passion for sports – basketball – with life skills. 

Ray Neblett was born and raised in the heart of the inner city of Richmond, Virginia. His early childhood was noteworthy and happy under the stern but loving guidance of his mother Juanita. Although Ray met challenges growing up in the Gilpin Court Housing Project and Richmond he remained focused and devoted to the game of basketball.  Ray was the youngest of 10 children; he focused on his education, family, his community, and staying humble. Ray learned from his mother that values and principles would be key to him becoming successful – regardless of how well he could play basketball. 

Ray had obstacles and made mistakes as he tried to guide himself through life, and he took ownership of the consequences of his actions and kept going.  Ray now has been giving back without regret for over 15 years.  This foundation shall speak to his commitment to making a difference.

For over 14 years, the determination to give kids in the community a guide to becoming better at academics, sharing, communicating effectively, and committing to giving back; Ray has let his Inner City Basketball Camp be a safe place for kids.  During this time, the camp has touched 100- 300 kids each year for that one-week period, building bonds of leadership, trust, and community pride in the parents and kids. These bonds have led Ray to work as a mentor, speaker, youth counselor, and leader in the city. 

As the camp grew so did the requests from others, asking for more from Raymond and he began to move the Inner City Foundation from the place in his heart and mind to the forefront to help with the need of the community.  With the help of his family, friends, and dedicated volunteers, the foundation is moving forward. 

Ray will never give up on his community, the youth, the city, or his love of the game of basketball and his foundation will offer more programs and opportunities for the inner city communities that contain future leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, and mentors. 

The foundation will build programs, which streamline, access to a better future for our youth, as well as offer parents opportunities for growth and participation.